Lake commissary Kitchen 

All members of the kitchen pay $100 per year commissary fee and $100 START UP FEE.

Members of the commissary can choose one of 3 options to use the kitchen. 

Option 1: Non standard use fee. This is primarily for food trucks and other businesses that don't want to schedule blocks of time inside the kitchen but need to have commissary access to be licenced with the state of Florida. Fee is $75 per month.

Option 2: Hourly. Cost to rent the kitchen hourly is $25 peak time (6am-9pm) or $15 off peak (9pm-6am)

Option 3: Hour blocks. Members may pre-purchased blocks of time to be used during the calendar month. Costs of blocks with overage cost listed below. 

  • 50 hours: $600 ($12 per hour overage)

  • 40 hours: $560 ($14 per hour overage)

  • 30 hours: $480 ($13 per hour overage)

  • 20 hours: $360 ($15 per hour overage)

  • 10 hours: $200 ($20 per hour overage) 


Storage options are also available on a case by case basis. Reach out to the owner for details.