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How to Lose Weight

According to 69% of Americans are overweight or obese. 

That's a travesty. 

If you are one of those 227 million Americans then I'm sure you have tried to lose weight. 

Maybe you lose weight only to regain it. Maybe you struggled for weeks and months without getting the results you want. Or maybe you are READY to being your journey.

Perhaps it's a friend or loved one that is suffering the negative implications of excess body fat. 

No matter that the circumstances you NEED to learn how only how to lose weight but you NEED to learn to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. 

Are you ready? 

I am. 

This course will TEACH YOU how to lose that unwanted weight for good. The best part is that all this info is free so PLEASE share in and let's help change the health of our country. 

This course is divided into 4 parts. 

Each part if VITAL super important so don't try and "skip ahead" or look for shortcuts. (HINT: This is on the of the major flaws that people encounter along the way. 

Each part will include both written words and a video. Make sure to assimilate BOTH into you lifestyle. 

Click the button to bo to each part. 

If you have any questions let me know. I'm here for you. ~ Rick Copley 352-989-6795 

In Part 1 I share with you what most people are doing wrong and what to do instead. I also provide a brief summary for what each section 

Part 2 is all about MINDSET. I share with you the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT component of this entire process. You will be provided with ACTION STEPS.

Part 3 is all about movement. I define what movement is and how it will help you lose weight. HINT: This is the elephant in the room. The part most people get wrong. Again, you will be provided with ACTION STEPS.

The 4th and final part of this program will be all about fuel. I will teach you how to fuel and nourish your body to facilitate weight loss. Not just weight loss. This last lesson will teach you how to fuel your body for LONG TERM weight loss and management.  In other words..... take it off and KEEP IT OFF! 

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