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1. In most cases, in order to make and sell food in the State of Florida, you will need a business license from the Dept of Agriculture or the Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Please visit the website to see which you division you fall under. 


Department of Agriculture: 


Department of Business and Professional Regulations  (DBPR):


2. In order to get you business license you will need a form from the state (both the Dept of Agriculture and Dbpr require this. Their forms are different but they are essentially the same thing) called the Commissary Letter of Agreement. 


3. Once you join the kitchen you will need to get the form and I will need to sign it and provide information to you to before you submit it to the state. Here are the steps you need to take:


  • Print the form.

  • Fill out your portion.

  • Scan it and email it to me. (

  • I will fill out my portion and scan it and email it back to you. 


4. Once you submit everything to the state they will reach out to you to schedule an inspection which will be at the kitchen. 

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