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  • When is the ordering period?
    The menu us open by 12pm on Monday and closes at 7pm on Friday. These meals are prepared for pick up and delivery on Sunday.
  • Where is pick up?
    Pick up is at No Limits Fitness ( in Tavares. Address is 15841 Old US Hwy 441, Tavares. We are in the back of the parking lot. Gym is on the opposite side of the road from the train tracks with the entrance being diagonal from Fairview Ave.
  • When is pick up?
    Pick is each Sunday 4-5pm. You can also pick up Monday 5:45-6:45am, 8:45-9:45am, 11:30-1pm and 4-6:30pm.
  • How much do the meals cost?
    Meals are $8 for salads, $11 for steak and seafood dishes and $5 for deserts and breakfast. There are exemptions from time to time. All other meals are generally $10.
  • Is there a delivery fee?
    Yes, the delivery fee is just $5.
  • Do I have to pay tax?
    Yes. Prepared food is taxed at 7% in Lake County, FL. Sorry, you've got to pay your taxes.
  • Should I tip the driver?
    That is 100% up to you. We do not expect tips but if you appreciate your food being delivered to your door step then we appreciate the tips!
  • Are the meals Kosher or Organic?
    No. We use the best ingredients that we can find but out meals are not certified Kosher or Organic.
  • Do you cook in a certified and inspected kitchen?
    Yes. We use a professional commissary kitchen and Teresa Copley holds all the necessary certifications and licenses.
  • Do you supply the milk for the overnight oats?
    No we do not. We suggest you use Almond Milk but regular milk will work just fine.
  • How long do the meals last?
    We suggest that you eat your meals by Friday. They will generally last longer but we guarantee that they will be good till Friday.
  • Are the containers microwave safe?
  • How long do I cook the meals for?
    Meals and microwaves vary. Start with 90 seconds for most meals. Add 30 seconds at a time till the food is the temperature that you want it.
  • Can I freeze the meals?
    We do NOT recommend freezing any of the meals.
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