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About Lake Commissary Kitchen


My name is Rick Copley and I am the owner of Lake Commissary Kitchen. 

This kitchen came out of a need in the community yes... but more so from a need in our own business.

My wife Teresa and I started a meal prep business in October of 2018 called The Fit Life Meals  (Now Empower Meal Prep, We very quickly learned that we needed a commercial commissary kitchen to operate our business efficiently, ethically and legally. 

Therein lay the problem. The nearest commissary kitchens were in Orlando and Ocala. Both these areas are an hour drive for us being based out of Grand Island. Plus the closest ones were ridiculously expensive so we ended up settling on a commissary kitchen east of Orlando (Union PArk). The fees were fair and the facility was fine but the hour drive has been a killer. 

For 2 years we woke each Sunday at 5 am to pack up our car with all our food and equipment to make the drive to Orando to do all our prep work. We got to averaging 350 meals per week we knew that what we were doing wasn't sustainable at all. 

This is when we knew we needed to open our own commissary kitchen.

Two years operating out of a commissary kitchen taught us a lot. The lessons we learned will 100% influence the way we run Lake Commissary Kitchen.


This kitchen is YOUR home kitchen. It's OUR home kitchen.  Together we will take care of it and it will take care of us and out businesses! 

I am here for you if you have any questions or issues. Please feel free to text or email anytime! ~ Rick Copley, Owner Lake Commissary Kitchen LLC 

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